Jolly Fine Vets UX/UI Design & Front End build

Jolly Fine Vets was a brand we created with the client as a means to unify a selection of vetinary practices. Their we 3 seperate practices we needed to bring together under one primary brand - Jolly Fine Vets was born.

The Jolly Fine Vets logo and brand was created in house (by the creative director) and we wanted a way to carry this visual narrative over to the other 3 practices. Giving each practice its own presence but still keeping it in sync with the new brand we had devised. Modern and quirky were the visual ques we wanted to adhere to, steering away from the typical medical or cutesy vetinary feel. While the new mark was a testament to this, it was also achieved with affectionate and humourous imagery as well as a friendly and personable approach to content. The user interface took on board the very strong black and white quirky look, where white was replaced with the primary brand colours in the corresponding practices.

Jolly fine vets brands
Hornsey Vets Mobile view
Canonbury Vets Mobile view
Jolly Fine Vets Homepage