Metaboard UX/UI Design

  • Project Launched October 2015 - December 2015
  • Client Metaboard UK

Metaboard is a cloud based social media performance and analytics tool. With the obvious impact social media has on bridging the gap between businesses and their customers this product is to help businesses monitor and gain a better understanding into their network.

Metaboard project image

Research & Prototyping

I entered this project at the research phase, though as I was on a tight deadline research had to be quick but effective. We defined a primary user group to begin the process and research data was gathered through surveys and interviews.

We learned very quickly about what user's felt other solutions were lacking. A crucial point in the research phase as the social media analytics market is particulary saturated.

Following everything we learned in the research phase I began laying out the user flow which then led onto high fidelity wireframes, some of the screens and components can be seen below.

EAF homepage
Metaboard graph pop up wireframe
Metaboard graph pop up wireframe
Metaboard content snippets

Visual Design

From the get go, it was obvious that this app needed to be clean and consise throughout. The various graphs we were using needed to be immediately obvious what they were measuring to users.

Additionally, bombarding users with huge amounts of data would not be a very good experience. We worked extensively on the information architecture for each of our core areas. Breaking the app down into smaller, more digestable sub sections while still making content and data relavent.

Colours were another issue, when dealing with house hold known social media giants we needed a colour pallette that would utilise and compliment their brand colours.

By way of typography, the chosen font family for this design was PT Sans - something fun and friendly yet still clean and professional.

Metaboard overview screen
Metaboard dashoboard mobile
Metaboard personality data
Metaboard Audience screen