Wanderventure UX/UI Design

  • Project Launched April 2013 - November 2013
  • Client Wanderventure
Wanderventure intro image


Wanderventure was a start up that I was involved in from the very beginning. We were a remote team of 4 co founders (including myself) and a team of developers. Brought on by the CTO being the managing director of a successful mobile developement consultancy.

The primary function of the app was a to be a tool for backpackers. Our vision was to make this app a necessity for any backpacker with a smartphone, making the experience of travelling easier through technology.

Unfortunately we were not able to secure enough funding to give this app the platform it deserved and get it into the app store. We did however, work solidly on this product for around 7 months where I learned a lot about product development and gained valuable start up experience.

Defining the problems and providing solutions

Being an avid traveller myself, along with the CEO, we were aware of the issues faced when venturing on a backpacking experience. We followed this up by speaking to many of our contacts with mutual interests in travelling and devised a selection of complications that backpackers face most often:

  • I need to know how safe this place is
  • Where is the best places to vist/eat/stay?
  • I'm on a tight budget
  • I'm travelling all by myself, how will I meet new people?
  • I want to show everyone how wonderful my travelling experience has been

We finalised our feature list based on these problems and broke the app down into 4 sections:

  • Camp
    Treated as a timeline with all your friend's updates. A map was shown at the top, immediately showing who was nearby.
  • Explore
    Find the best places nearby, see reviews from other backpackers and see which other users are there now.
  • Radar
    See which Wanderventure users are nearby.
  • Trip
    Your personal trip diary


A selection of low fedelity wireframes are shown below. At the time of this project, my preferred tool for wireframing was Balsamiq Mock ups.

Wanderventure intro image
Wanderventure intro image
Wanderventure intro image

Visual Design

At the time of the design stage of this product, apple had just released iOS7. After reading the newly revised HIG I approached the design with the updated guidelines in mind.

The approach for the UI design was to simplify the visuals to dilute the complexity. Our primary brand colour was the earthy red tone. Something that siginified an organic yet energetic feel.

Given the notion of travel, being fun and exciting yet prolonged and mysterious. I tried to introduce travel like visuals where possible. Such as timeline like interface components as you can see below in the menus. Not to mention a real emphasis on utilizing imagery where possible. As when used properly, provide a strong and meaningful connection to the narrative.

A selection of screens from the final app design can be seen below

Wanderventure intro image